Top 10 Overweight and Obesity-Related Health Problems

Besides having an apple-shaped body, being overweight or obese can also cause serious health problems. Due to this fact, the National Nutrition Council (NCC) decided to focus this year’s nutrition month theme on the growing problem of obesity in the Philippines. To help them raise awareness, here are the top 10 obesity-related diseases that you can avoid if you’re healthy.

  1. High Blood Pressure – with weight gain and age, blood pressure tends to increase, too. Though the reason obesity is the major cause of high blood pressure is still unknown, research has shown that obese people displayed an increase in blood volume and arterial resistance.
  1. Diabetes – insulin resistance can lead to type 2 diabetes and being obese contributes to the development of diabetes by making cells more resistant to the effects of insulin.
  1. Heart Disease – aside from coronary heart disease, being obese can also lead to heart failure, a condition in which your heart can’t pump enough blood to meet your body’s needs.
  1. Stroke – the risks of having stroke increases as BMI rises due to the buildup of plaque in your arteries. It causes blood clotting that blocks the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain that causes the stroke.
  1. Cancer – obesity increases your chances of having a colon, gallbladder, breast, or endometrial cancer.
  1. Infertility – excess fats in your reproductive system can cause menstrual issues and infertility in women.
  1. Osteoarthritis – is a condition that occurs if the tissue that protects the joints wears away and extra weight can put more pressure and wear the tissues on your joints.
  1. Sleep Apnea – is a sleeping disorder that causes shallow breaths due to the excess fat stored around the neck, narrowing the airway.
  1. Skin Infections – obese people tends to have excess skin folds that can be irritated by excess sweating or friction that can lead to skin infections.
  1. Gallstones – obese people have a higher chance of having gallstones that are mostly made of cholesterol. It can cause stomach or back pain if not removed.

If you’re obese or overweight, take action! Avoid these health problems by eating healthy food in moderation and exercising.


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