Perfect Comfort Food? What Pinoys Eat during Rainy Season

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What does rainy season mean to Filipinos? Without a doubt, many would agree that this is the period of numerous work and class suspensions. Hence, this season brings family members closer as they have time to bond together indoors.

What are local households up to during heavy downpour? Well, some prefer to lie down all-day long, some play indoor games, some watch or listen to weather updates, and many opt to eat! Yes, Pinoys become foodies during cool season.

Eat, Eat, and Eat!

While drinking coffee is so common during cold weather, Pinoys can’t help but to have some solid foods and slurps.

What Filipinos eat when cold weather blankets the surrounding may surprise other races! Here’s a list of what locals indulge in when strong winds and rains hit hard in the area.

  • Champorado

A chocolate-flavored rice porridge barely made up of “malagkit” (sweet glutinous rice) and cocoa powder (or pure tablea block). It tastes so good when topped with milk (either evaporated or condensed milk) and partnered with dried fish known as “tuyo.”

  • Lugaw (a.k.a. arroz caldo) or Goto

A local rice porridge recipe that is very similar to Chinese congee. It is cooked with chicken broth and many spices (fried garlic, salt, onion, ginger, fish sauce, and bits of chopped scallions).

  • Noodle

Even during summer, this one seems to be an alternative to Filipinos’ staple food, rice. But eating a bowl of hot noodles—any type, any brand, any flavor, and any method of preparing it—is really a hit during rainy season. Locals drop scrambled eggs shortly before the noodles are to be served to make the soup creamy and thick.

  • Varieties of Soup

When it rains, our body seeks comfort and warmth. The best way that we can do? Fill our stomach with hot soup. Filipinos eat many kinds of soup, such as sopas, lomi, bulalo, sotanghon, and molo soup.

Well, it’s no surprise that all foods listed above are served hot. All these are perfect to keep warm body temperature. What’s even good about these comfort foods is that they can be cooked and eaten during rainy morning, dark-skied afternoon, and stormy evening.

How about you, which comfort foods do you eat during rainy season? Share your thoughts by placing them in the comments section below.


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