8 Must Have Items to Survive This Rainy Season with Style

The rainy season has officially started! The tanning sun and sweat-inducing weather is now over and with unpredictable downpours every now and then, it pays to be ready. Whether you’re at work or in school, having these 8 items will not only prevent you from getting sick, it will also keep you clean, dry, and fabulous.

  1. Umbrella
    An umbrella should always be present in your bag to shield you not only from rain but also from the scorching hot sun. Ditch the boring black classics and go for stylish and foldable that will fit in your bag.
  1. Waterproof Bag
    Opt for a roomy and rainproof bag to keep your things dry. You can also bring an extra plastic bag for your wet umbrella or jacket.
  1. Boots or Plastic Shoes
    If you’re in a flood-prone area, wearing a pair of boots can save you from the costs of buying a new pair of shoes or diseases like leptospirosis. But if you want to remain fashionable, you can opt for jelly or plastic shoes that come in various colors and designs.
  1. Raincoat or Waterproof Jackets
    Keep yourself dry and warm with raincoat or jackets. Go for bright colors to keep the mood up amid the low, gloomy weather.
  1. Skin-Toned Undies
    Getting drenched in the rain is inevitable no matter how prepared we are. So if you don’t want strangers to know what you’re wearing your lucky red underwear, go for the neutral tones.
  1. Alcohol or Hand Sanitizer
    Personal hygiene must always come first to keep yourself from getting sick during the rainy season. If washrooms are nowhere in sight, a small bottle of alcohol or hand sanitizer can be handy in keeping you safe from diseases and infections.
  1. Lip balm and Lotion
    Always carry some lip balm and lotion to keep your lips and skin from drying and chapping during the cold rainy weather.
  1. Tissue or Wipes
    A pack of tissue or wipes will help keep you clean the water, mud, and dirt from your body and to dry your things that are drenched in the rain.

Do you have other must have items for the rainy days? Share them on the comments section below.


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