Ten Events and Things I Won’t Forget about My Schooling

Photo credit: kickofjoy.com

Being a student is an experience in itself. While each of us has different school-related experiences, all of us have memorable stories to share. Some of them may be funny, some may be victorious, and some may be embarrassing.

Let me go back to the highlights of my schooling, as I can vividly recall them.

  1. Scent of eraser – When I think about school opening and any classroom setting, this thing always comes out of my mind. It seems the smell of a “cherry” eraser filling up the entire classroom retains in my nose.
  2. On- and off-campus competitions – I was an active student who joined lots of contests. In elementary, I represented my school in Damath contests for three years and Math quiz bees twice. In high school, I won several competitions, such as Social Studies quiz bees, spelling bee, extemporaneous speaking contest, and slogan making contest. I was also a part of a chorale group that won in the district level.
  3. Classroom parties – I experienced Christmas and closing parties since I was in second grade. My senior year in high school was the most unforgettable of all since I was forced to sing in a videoke for the very first time.
  4. Lots of memorizations – From multiplication table, to divisibility of numbers, and up to capital cities of the world, I can’t figure out how I was able to memorize them all at a young age. The most notable is when I recited 109 chemical elements and their symbols (out of 110 at that time). Why did I forget Thulium?
  5. Consistent honor student – Being on the pilot section is already an honor for me. Getting medals was like a hobby as I was able to do it at the end of each school year from first grade to senior high school. There was a time I was awarded with five medals and that the emcee mentioned all my awards all at once so that I would not get tired of going up on stage.
  6. Flag raising ceremony – One Monday morning, I was unexpectedly requested to lead the singing of the national anthem. I was unprepared and felt very nervous. What came next? I uttered the wrong lyrics shortly before the anthem was about to end. That was really embarrassing.
  7. Student leader – I was able to hold top positions when I was in high school. During my first year in college, I was elected as Vice President of a scholars    group.
  8. Perfect attendance – As I can recall it, there were school years when I had impressive attendance record. I was the type of student who never wanted to miss out on something about my subjects. (Well, I also got sick. In fact I was absent for over two weeks due to dengue fever and broken knee bone).
  9. JS proms – Our batch held both our two JS proms outside our school quadrangle, and as we all knew, that was the first (and perhaps the last time) for our alma mater.
  10. Graduations – Sitting along with the girls? Leading the pledge of loyalty? Receiving a diploma under the rain? Well, I experienced all of them in three different situations.

All these notable experiences made me who I am today (except for the scent of “cherry” eraser). They all taught me lessons which helped shape my life.

Share your stories by placing your comments below.


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