Seven Things I Regret Not Doing in College

If i had only done these things, i could have a better life now. I am not saying that I have a hard life. But, i could have more if I had performed well in college.

I never thought that I will be sharing my remorse one day. But, I am. I realize, if this article reached millions of students out there, it would help them do better in college.

I believe, I fail to maximize what college can offer. And, If I could go back now, I would do these things:

1. Get more friends. During college days, I hide from my shell. I avoid parties and invitations from acquaintances. In short, I am shunning opportunities to meet more friends. To think that making more friends has benefits during and after college. They could be your companions and mentors to help you cope the hard years in college. Then, right after graduation, they can give you referrals for a better job.

2. Join school club and be active. Clubs are important to improve knowledge and life skills. Under one umbrella, you can find members supporting you. I regret not finding a good group because it is a way to gain self-confidence and sense of belonging.

3. Do my homework on my own. It’s a shame to admit, but I let someone else do my Accounting subject’s assignments. Thus, I pass the subject with less knowledge on taxation and balancing of transactions.

4. Not dropping even one subject. I often dropped subjects because I want things to be easy. I am a working student then. So, it is quite hard to manage my time. But I regret doing this because it just added more years to my studies.

5. Take extra load. It could add stress, but I would have finished my course ahead of time.

6. Maintain good grades. It was during job hunting that I find the importance of having good grades. If you look for your first job, employers will look into your transcript to weigh performance in class. As such, high marks can make you employable.

7. Take my thesis seriously. It was heartbreaking for me to fail on my first thesis defense, where in fact, I find it easy. It was wrong for me to take the research lightly.

It’s really ironic to wish that I could go back to my college days. I guess the best lesson learned: do your best and try everything that will give good paybacks until you are young and capable. Be reminded that the things you do in college are small pieces that complete a thriving future.


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