Ten Nice And Easy Ideas to Decorate Your School Stuffs

Back to school and you want something amazing to do on the covers of your notebooks or books. How will you impress your classmates with your stunning school stuffs?

Let’s dress up your things in a cool and artistic way.

Try something inexpensive and impressive do-it-yourself ideas. Old jeans, paper bags, buttons and beads, and old magazines can cover your notebooks and other school things glamorously.

Check out these ideas to prettify your notebooks and books:

  1. Blue jean notebook. You can use old or whacked jeans to style your notebooks. Use the pocketed side so that you can use it as penholder.
  2. Button/beads embellished. Decorate your notebooks by gluing various buttons or beads on it.
  3. Collage notebook. You may try candy wrappers or cutout papers to style your notebooks. Simply cut designed-papers or wrappers into squares, triangles, or other shapes. Then, paste the desired shape on the cover. Use only one shape to make it more appealing.
  4. Die-cut decorated notebook. Style your notebook cover with cut-out of flowers or butterflies from bright or designed papers. Arrange and glue them on the surface.
  5. Duct tape notebook. Duct tapes are not just available in silver colors. You can find the product in different colors and with designs. Place the tape on another paper, allowing extra tape to extend. When the sheet is entirely cover, place them on your notebook. Let the extended tape attached it to the cover.
  6. Fabric-covered notebook. You can use different fabrics to cover your notebooks or books. Old scarfs or knitted sweaters are good materials to paste on your notebooks cover.
  7. Paperbag-covered notebook. You may use dark or light-colored paper bag for this project. Draw geometrical figure or crazy colored psychedelic design to add zest on the plain surface. Using silver or white ink pen, you may write the subject or title of the book.
  8. Washi tape notebook. You may use various designed-washi tapes to cover your stuffs. You may tape it on a scrap cardstock or on the notebook’s surface directly.
  9. Felt paper with initial notebook. Get the size of your cover by tracing it to the felt paper. Then, cut it with a half-inch allowance. in doing your initials, you may try a pattern or cut it the way you want it. Stitch your initial to the felt paper. Glue them on the cover.
  10. Neon confetti notebook. You will use gray to cover the entire surface of the book or notebook. Cut out various colored neon papers into shapes. Paste them on the surface. Use same shapes make the look uniform.

If you have these stunning but thrift covers, who will judge your books and notebooks badly? These ideas are quick to make. So try these fun ways to prettify your things.


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