8 Factors to Consider When Choosing a College Dorm

Starting your independent life in a college dorm is not as easy as you think. There several factors that you need to consider before you rent and transfer to your second home.

  1. Location
    The place should be 15-30 minutes away from school and near establishments like restos, coffee and computer shops, and ATM booths. Choosing a flood-free place will also be a big help during the rainy season.
  1. Bathroom
    Most dorms offer communal bathrooms so ask the landlord how many people you will be sharing it with. I’m sure you don’t want to be late or go to class without taking a bath, am I right?
  1. Facilities
    You should check the water supply, lighting, closet space, electrical outlets, and ventilation (electric fan or AC) the first time you set your feet in the dorm you’re checking out.
  1. House rules
    Dorms have various house rules that everyone should follow. Some have an early curfew, some don’t accept guests, and some won’t allow you to bring specific appliances so make sure to ask them before you pay for rent.
  1. Security
    24/7 security guards, a fire escape, and a working door lock is a must when you’re looking for a dorm. Anti-theft systems like CCTV and double locks are plus points. You can also bring a small vault just to make sure.
  1. Laundry
    Some dorms provide laundry services for an additional fee, but most don’t offer this extra service. So also consider looking for a dorm with cheap laundry shops as your neighbor. This will be helpful in times when you cannot go home due to your busy schedule.
  1. Roommate
    If you’re given the chance to choose your roommate, choose someone you know who can respect you and your things. Someone clean and organized will be the perfect one but remember that you should do the same for him/her too.
  1. Noise
    When you’re living in the same house with approximately 20 hormonal people like you, you can expect some days to be a little noisy and less conducive for studying. So be sure to bring noise-proof earplugs or find a dorm with a nice little café nearby where you go for a retreat.

Do you have other know-how that can help our college friends? You’re always welcome to share your thoughts!


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