Ten Beautiful Schools in the World

Can beautiful campuses inspire you to study better? Of course, it can. The environment, location, and design of a campus are a cure after strenuous lectures.

One factor that could push you to go to school is the structure. You can never hide the fact that you are among the students who look at the aesthetic feature when choosing a school.

College Magazine reveals the most stunning schools. Here are some of them:

  1. Stanford University (SU)
    The world’s leading teaching and research university is located in Silicon Valley, California, USA. Surrounded by beautiful hills and the red roof, no one will doubt why it is included in the world’s most beautiful campuses.
  2. The University of Notre Dame (UND)
    The university is a place where faith and diverse traditions are treasured and respected. Founded in 1842, Notre Dame is built on 1,250 acres at South Bend, Indiana. Gothic architecture, park-like landscape, exquisite outdoor sculpture, and breathtaking views made the campus a marvelous sight.
  3. Dartmouth College
    The campus is located in Hanover, New Hampshire. This private institution was founded in 1769. Its location in the upper valley region, calm forests, and pastel mountain makes the campus more beautiful.
  4. University of Florida
    Palm trees, Spanish moss, and the people are among the pride of the campus. The Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, the “swamp” its students, is a good place for you to stay.
  5. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-Chapel Hill)
    Great history, good weather, activities, and the Morehead-Petterson Bell Towering make the campus beautiful.
  6. New College of Florida
    With a location near Sarasota Bay, who will not love the place? The Ringling Brothers formerly owned the three huge pink mansions inside the campus.
  7. Duke University
    The campus is a gothic wonderland to its students. The spire of the duke chapel brings you back to old English era. What’s more, there are nooks, which are good place to stay and study. The campus is in Durham, North Carolina.
  8. Pratt Institute
    The Architectural Digest ranked the college among the top U.S. colleges with the best Architecture. Even the Wall Street Journal features the campus’ landscape redesign. The private institute, a center for arts, design, and business, is located in New York City.
  9. Georgetown University
    The “Hilltop” to many, is the school was used in most scenes from the movie Harry Potter. Great history and Potomac River makes the campus beautiful. If you want to experience a Hogwarts feeling, then be in the school.
  10. Tulane University
    The university is a blend of Renaissance and modern architecture. You will find the campus in New Orleans.

In a real sense, college campus will be your home away from home. Isn’t it right to choose a structure that filled your eyes with beauty and coziness? So, check out these schools with gorgeous architecture and great location.


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