10 Awesome Do-It-Yourself Name Tag Ideas for Any Event

Add a personal touch to your things or make your guests feel extra special by giving them one of these awesome DIY name tags.

1. Scrabble Tile Name Tag
Do you have old scrabble tiles in your garage? Don’t throw them yet! Turn them into a scrabble tile name tag. It will not only customize your bag, it will let your classmates know your name too.

Scrabble Tile Name Tag

2. Cupcake Liner Name Tag
Add some girly goodness to your party-themed event with the help of these cupcake liner name tags. Just add cupcake liners that are available at the grocery stores to your standard button pins to make it more special.

Cupcake Liner Name Tag

3. Fringe Wine Glass Name Tag
One great way to mark each guest’s wine glass is put one of these fringe wine glass name tags. It’s easy to make and your guests will surely love to see their name in pretty fringe.

Fringe Wine Glass Name Tag

4. Fabric Label Name Tag
Make sure that your clothes will not be mistakenly given to someone with the help of these stylish fabric label name tags.

Fabric Label Name Tag

5. Porcelain Name Tag
Wow your guests by giving them personalized giveaways like these porcelain name tag. It can also be a good business venture if you’re looking for extra income.

Porcelain Name Tag

6. Quilt Name Tag
Show your love for quilting through these colorful quilt name tags. All you need are needles, fabric strips, yarns, and creativity!

Quilt Name Tag

7. Plastic Shrink Name Tag
Aside from being cheap and easy to make, this plastic shrink name tag is perfect for gifts, giveaways, or just personalizing your things

Plastic Shrink Name Tag

8. Mini Button Name Tag
Let your guest get to know each other the fun way with these mini button name tags with funny facts about them.

Mini Button Name Tag

9. Bow Name Tag
Do you need badges for group meet-ups? These sweet bow name tags can be the one you’re looking for. It’s easy to make and can boost the theme of any event.

Bow Name Tag

10. Faux Wooden Name Tag
Create sweet little frame for everyone’s name using wood veneer or wooden paper. Just paint the white part with dry erase paint if you want to reuse them.

Faux Wooden Name Tag

Do you have other do-it-yourself name tag ideas? Please comment your answers below ’cause I’d like to try them too!

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