Top 10 Educational Places to Visit for School Field Trips

Let the children learn in the most exciting ways. Allow them to discover art, science, and history the fun way by visiting these top 10 educational places here in the Philippines.

  1. The Mind Museum
    With over 250 interactive exhibits, a botanical garden, and an outdoor Science-in-the-Park, kids will surely have fun while learning science. The objective of this world class Science museum is for the visitors to appreciate and support the sciences.
  1. Rizal Park
    Visit the giant 3D relief map of the Philippines or spend the afternoon in the National Historical Institute, Artists’ Haven, Orchidarium, and Butterfly Pavilion.
  1. Manila Ocean Park
    Let your child meet and get to know more about various sea creatures and their natural habitat. Aside from the Oceanarium, you kids will also enjoy various attractions like sharks and rays encounter, fish spa, and trails to Antarctica.
  1. Clark Dinosaur Island
    Feel the thrill of the past and get to meet the first inhabitants of our planet – dinosaurs. Understand them better and know what transpired in the Mesozoic era with the help of this first animatronic dinosaur park in the country.
  1. The Money Museum
    Know the story behind the evolution of our currency. See various coins, medals, artifacts, paper notes, and monetary items found in our country during its different historical periods.
  1. Museo Pambata
    Kids can learn various concepts relating to science, ecology, and culture as they explore and play in this fully interactive museum.
  1. The Ayala Museum
    Know what is it like during various era’s in the Philippines history and get to see lots of valuable treasures that have been dug up for archeological reasons.
  1. La Mesa Dam Eco-Park
    Let the kids feel and enjoy the gift of nature with a stroll in the forest reserve, canopy walks, zip line, kayaking, and other eco-adventure.
  1. Intramuros
    Take a historical tour around Manila’s old capital using kid-friendly personal transporters and mini ATV’s with safety gears from White Knight Hotel Intramuros.
  1. Chinatown
    Let the kids experience an all-in-one historical, cultural, and culinary tour in the world’s oldest Chinatown built in 1594.

Do you know other educational places perfect for field trips? Share your thoughts and let the kids learn while having fun.


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