Top 10 Things Every College Student Need in Their Bags

The first day of school is hard especially for college freshmen. So to help these newcomers, here are the top 10 things that they should always have in their bags:

  1. Paper
    Phones and tablets can never replace notebooks, agendas, or sticky notes in keeping your dates, notes, appointments, and contacts organized. They are inexpensive and can be a lifesaver just in case you need to leave a note to someone.
  1. Pens
    Never leave your house or dorm without pens – take note it’s plural! Aside from writing thoughts, notes, and appointments, you will also need them in filling up forms and answering test papers.
  1. Cash
    Always bring cash. You’ll never know when you will encounter a store that only accepts cash.
  1. Mobile Phone with Power Bank or Charger
    It’s always wise to carry a phone with charger or even better a fully charged power bank to help you stay in touch with family and friends in case your battery runs low.
  1. Water Bottle
    These days, it’s a must to bring water anywhere to keep you hydrated especially when you have to walk from one building to another or climb several floors for your classes.
  1. Earphones
    Use earphones and de-stress yourself in between classes by listening to music or review recorded notes without disturbing anyone near you.
  1. Gum or Candy
    It helps you focus, reduce food cravings, and have a fresh breath especially when you have to stay a longer period in school.
  1. Umbrella
    Keeps yourself and your things dry during random rains and protect your skin from excessive sunlight. You can also use it for self-defense.
  1. School ID
    It’s not only used as a school requirement, it can also be the only way to identify you in case of emergency or accident.
  1. Hand Sanitizer or Alcohol
    Keeping a small bottle in your bag and using it before you eat or after you go to the bathroom will help a lot in keeping yourself from acquiring diseases.

Do you have a different list? Please don’t hesitate to comment. Your thoughts are always welcome.


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