Ten Foods Students Should Eat to Improve Mental Skills

students eating
Photo credit: kidsfoodfestival.com

Summer break is over and Filipino students are expected to troop to schools to pursue studies. Undeniably, school opening is worrisome. Parents do not just need enough budget to sustain their kids’ educational needs but also to ensure their safety when they attend schooling.

While many parents are busy buying school supplies for their kids, only a few of them care about their children’s nutrition. This thing, which boosts learning and fuels academic success, has always been ignored.

We should learn from our experiences. Stories about food poisoning in schools are not new in the local scene. In fact, it happens almost each school year anywhere in the country. Care about the food that your kids eat so we won’t hear news about food contamination victims again.

Give your kids foods that can help them perform well in classrooms.

Brain Foods

Whether your child is attending pre-school, elementary, or high school, it is better that you let them bring healthful foods.

What are the foods that you should prepare or give to your child to make him smarter?

  • Fruits

–      Blueberry

–      Strawberry

Two known super fruits, these berries are rich in antioxidants that keep good mental condition as people age.

  • Vegetables

–      Broccoli

–      Tomato

These veggies contain nutrients that help improve student’s concentration and cognitive function.

  • Dairy Products

–      Milk

–      Cheese

These two products are proven effective in improving one’s memory performance and cognitive function.

  • Whole Grain Foods

–      Whole grain breads – Go for this type of bread when you make a sandwich.

–      Brown rice – Unlike white rice, this one allows brain and nervous system to function smoothly.

Both these products are a good source of energy for the brain.

  • Liquids

–      Water – This is the most important of all liquids. Students should always have bottled water inside their bags and drink every so often during class hours. Drinking water helps achieve optimal brain health.

–      Juices – Just make sure to give your kid juices from “real” fruits.

All these foods will surely make every student active and attentive—stuff that will change classroom experience for better. These make all the difference.

Let your child enjoy learning and achieve academic success.


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