Top 10 Worship Songs to Add to Your Playlist This Lent

One great way to worship God and celebrate this lent season is through music. Whenever you’re down and needs guidance, feel His presence by listening to these songs. The songs on this list are my favorites and as a music lover, I am hoping that you’ll love them too!

  1. Who Am I – Casting Crowns
    This song shows how great God’s love for us is. Even though we may think and feel insignificant at times, we should not fear and feel alone. God loves us so much that he takes time to know each one of us.
  1. Jesus, Take the Wheel – Carrie Underwood
    This song shows that even if were too busy to give thanks and ask for His forgiveness for all our sins, he will never turn his back and leave us. He is always at our side to guide and accept us whenever we call out to Him.
  1. Warrior Is A Child – Twila Paris
    This song shows that whenever we feel weak, God is always by our side. Whenever we falter, God is here to protect, strengthen, heal, and give us rest when the world is too much to handle.
  1. Tell The World Of His Love – Jamie Rivera
    This song encourages us to tell and share how great God’s love is. It also tells us to lead those who have lost their ways to the home of God and seek His presence.
  1. May Bukas Pa – Rico J. Puno
    This song tells us to have faith in God whenever we feel down and troubled. There is always tomorrow for those who believes. Seek for Him and you will be answered.
  1. Lead Me Lord – Basil Valdez
    This song shows us that we can lean on Him whenever we feel confused and alone. Seek for Him and He will guide us to the right path and decisions.
  1. Power Of Your Love – Hillsong United
    This song shows encourages us to face our own weaknesses and fall into the arms of God who’s doing everything to convey His love to us.
  1. Take Me Out Of The Dark – Gary Valenciano
    This song teaches us to trust God because He would never give us trials that we can’t bear. He would never leave us even if we’re thinking that we’re not worthy of His love.
  1. I Offer My Life – Don Moen
    This song encourages us to seek God in everything we do and you will be at His mercy.
  1. One More Gift – Bukas Palad
    This song tells us that the greatest gift that we should seek to Him is peace, not only for the world, but also peace within ourselves.

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