DIY Crafts: Artful Ways to Dress up Easter Eggs

How will you make Easter Sunday more special and enjoyable? Put some twists on your Easter eggs by trying these DIY ideas.

1. Decoupage Eggs

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Spruce up Easter eggs using paper napkins, colored magazines, or designed papers. Cut them into strips and glue them around the egg. Let it dry. Then apply a final coat to make it glossy.

2. Twine-Wrapped Eggs

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Give those eggs more boosts by using twine. Apply glue on the surface of the egg. Wrap it with twine starting from the center to top.

3. Blackboard Eggs


Coat eggs with chalkboard paint. Using chalk, create lines or pattern on the surface. Likewise, make a paper nest to have an attractive set.

4. Tattooed Eggs

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Another cool way is to stick fake tattoos to eggshells. You may place images of superheroes, cartoon characters, insects, dinosaurs, and more.

5. Ombre Eggs

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Give some eggs a chic look by dying them in different tones. The trick is to soak them in varying amount of dye and time. This way you can get dark to lighter shades. To do this, place the egg in a small cup. Fill it up with the liquid dye that is enough to cover the bottom third of the egg. After 5 minutes, add water until the top third part of the egg. Then, you will see a lighter tone. After 3 minutes, add more water to cover the whole egg. Then, you get a more pale shade.

6. Silk Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs

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When you want silky looking eggs, try this craft. You need 100% silk tie. Cut a piece that is enough to cover an egg. Make sure that the right side faces the surface of the egg. Wrap them smoothly and tightly using a thread to get a clear print. Then, wrap them again with a light colored and lightweight fabric. Boil them for 20 minutes in water with vinegar. I suggest that only moms do the said steps. Kids may do the unwrapping after the eggs cool. Then, polish it with oil to get a shinier look.

7. Hand-drawn Designed Eggs

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Dress up the egg in different hand-drawn shapes and patterns. Use pen paints, chalks, or acrylic craft paints to decorate the eggs.

8. Stamped Eggs

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Word imprints are another fun way to spice up dyed Easter eggs. Stamped inspirational words or phrases to motivate egg hunters.

9. Personalized Eggs

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Nothing’s more fun than putting your name or initials on the egg. You can use foam alphabets or felt stickers to spell out your name. Another way is to use a candle to write on the shell. Then, the name appears after soaking it in the dye. Stick other fancy stuff to decorate these eggs.

In fact, there are million of ways to put some twists on your Easter eggs. So flaunt your creativeness this Easter Sunday. Share the moment with your kids to make it a fun-filled day.


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