Top Religious Mobile Apps for Catholics: Why Do They Exist?

the pope app
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Today, mobile apps seem to have become synonymous with online games. While mobile apps are a great source of fun and entertainment, they are also a useful tool for practically everything— a guide for cooking, access to news and weather advisories, free chat, and many other things that may help you perform activities with ease. These are all the reasons why mobile app usage is currently on the rise.

How about mobile app for religious engagements? Yes, there is such a thing. It’s like having a digital ministry or a church in one’s pocket, right? This is not an untoward act against the church but just a trend that is becoming a hit among Catholic faithful around the world. With these apps, anyone can just strengthen the faith but without a purpose to leave the formal place for worship.

Apps for the Soul

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and downloadable religious mobile apps for Catholics.

  1. Laudate – This is a free “comprehensive” app that runs on iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire and is available in different languages. It has many uses for it serves as a source of Church documents, liturgy of the hours, daily mass readings, new American Bible, stations of the cross, links to various related apps, and podcasts of meditations, among others.
  2. The Pope App – Launched by the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church, this free app runs on iOS and Android in 5 major languages. This one allows users to have access to papal-related contents, such as schedule of events, transcripts of speeches of His Holiness, and video clips and live streaming videos of the Pontiff’s addresses.
  3. Pocket Catholic – This is a “very lightweight” app that is offered for Android users for free. It allows users to carry with them a searchable list of common Catholic prayers, daily mass readings, and lets users find churches near them based on set GPS location.

There are many other paid and free apps out there. Just pick the ones that fit your certain needs and interests. All these apps exist to help you strengthen your devotion.

Get your smartphone now and bring your Catholic faith into the massive digital world. Who knows there’s someone up there who has also gone mobile and connects with us digitally?

For your comments or suggestions, feel free to write it in the comments section below.


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