Do-It-Yourself Decoration Ideas For Graduation Party

Graduation, and what comes to your mind? Party.

After years of hard work, concluding high school or college is a feat to celebrate. If you are throwing a graduation party, fill it with fun. It is classic to decorate in school colors. But try to personalize your treat. Check out these ten DIY decoration ideas to make the day more special.

1) Graduation Party Seals

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Decorate invitations, party wares, and keepsakes with celebratory graduation seal. Use a gold-medallion notary stickers or cut-out papers. Then, print congratulatory or complimentary words. Place a notched ribbon behind before gluing them.

2) School Days Scrapbook

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You may display a bunch of photographs, artwork, awards, and test papers that the graduate accrued over the years.

3) Keys To Success Station

Put a key to success station where visitors could write notes for the graduate. Buy decorative keys and place note tags. Display it with a jar and pen. Party guests will write a short message, and place it in the jar.

4) Graduation Banner

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Make a banner for the graduates. String together card stock with felt letters that says congratulations or good luck.

5) 2015 Balloons


Use inflated colorful or one-colored balloons to spell out “Class of 2015.”

6) Graduation Tassel Garland

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Hang colorful tassel garland. You may use real tassel, tissue or colored paper, or yarn.

7) Mini Cupcake Graduation Caps

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Make your grad party a special one by serving mini graduation caps. Bake mini chocolate chip cookie cups. Cut chocolate bars into squares. Then, use M&Ms, and sour candy for the tassel.

8) Cupcake Toppers

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Adore your cupcakes with printed toppers. Dress it up with banners, medallions, ribbons, graduation caps, and diploma.

9) Candy Cup Graduation Hat

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If you want a sweet treat without baking, candy cup is a must try. You only need square chocolates, chocolate cups, mini M&Ms, strips of sour candy, and lollipop sticks. Then, assemble them all.

10) DIY Clothespin Photo Wall

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Throwback and relive the memories. Gather all photos to reflect on the milestones. By using clothespin and string, hang a bunch of family pictures and memorable things.


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