Best Photo Apps for IOS and Android Phones

One clear thing, taking pictures with a phone is a trend now. Call it smartphone photography or iPhoneography (because you’re using iPhone), you can point-and-shoot on interesting things.

Easy, isn’t it? But here’s a more interesting thing for your Android or IOS phone. You can use these different photo apps to enhance your images.

  • ProCamera 8

Many iPhone users can gain a more control on images with ProCamera 8. It has a full manual exposure control, adjustable shooting grids, an innovative high dynamic range, and image stabilizer. The apps even offer a set of editing tools for your images. What’s more, you can adjust the quality and size of your photos. Other than JPEG, you can save your pictures in TIFF format for high-quality printing.

  • Camera+

Camera+ is a camera and a photo editing app. It has a range of advance settings and tools to enhance your images. Have more control over exposure, color, and sharpness. Work with a variety of filters, touch-focus adjustments, 6x digital zoom, and a timer.

  • Hipstamatic

If you want a novel and timeless photo effects, Hipstamatic is a good choice. This photo app has different vintage and modern films, lenses, and flash. Using the combos can give you stunning images in a variety of style.

  • Oggl

It is an app by Hipstamatic, but it offers more flexibility. You can mix and match its filters before taking a picture. You can even change the film and lens setting after you have taken the photo.

  • VSCO Cam

This popular camera and photo-editing app have packed of filters and tools for your photos. It offers soft and slightly faded look features. You can adjust the exposure, color, and sharpness via this app.

  • Filterstorm Neue

The app has a masking brush, curve tools, radial, and linear gradient filters. These features take your photos to a higher level.

  • TouchRetouch

The app can get rid of unwanted things from your photo. Simply point or highlight the objects you want to remove. It has clone tool if you want to duplicate an object.

  • Google Camera

If you want a simple interface for your android phones, Google Camera is a good one. What’s more, behind this simplicity are amazing functions for your snaps. Use its lens blur, panorama, and HDR+ to create great photos.

  • Snapseed

Google’s own photo editor, Snapseed, has been around to tweak photos taken by android phones. The app has basic filters and frames that allow you to check and adjust your photo. Crop, size, and rotate the image. You can even control its contrast, color saturation, brightness, and white balance. With its selective adjustment tool, you can select and adjust parts of the photo.

  • Instagram

Instagram has ramped up the popularity of mobile photography. Apart from being a photo-sharing app, it has editing filters and tools. You can even share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, and many more.


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