Treats for 2015 Graduates: Top Buffet Restaurants in Manila

The news that summer is officially here is most welcome by students, especially the graduates. It means no more classes, no more exams, and best of all, no more having to stay up late and wake up early. But before taking the next big step (whether it’s higher education, your first job, or maybe even your own business), it’s time for a well-deserved treat. So here’s a list of the top buffet restos in Manila where you can celebrate with your friends and family.

1. Vikings
Enjoy sumptuous international cuisine at Vikings. Their branch in SM Megamall can easily house 500+ guests and serve more than 200 dishes every day.

2. Yakimix
Dig into mouth-watering Asian cuisines of Yakimix. They cater a variety of sushi and everything that you can grill from seafood to all kinds of meat.

3. Cabalen
Satisfy your native tongue with Filipino dishes served at Cabalen. They live by their name by serving tasty “Kapampangan style” dishes.

4. Kamayan/Dad’s/Saisaki Restaurant
Experience a triple treat buffet with three distinct buffets – Dad’s World Buffet, Kamayan’s Filipino Dishes, or Saisaki’s Japanese Cuisines.

5. Tong Yang
Love hot pot and grilled stuff? Try Tong Yang! It’s a Chinese Shabu Shabu (hotpot) and barbeque resto in Greenhills.

6. Spiral
If fine dining and buffet is what you’re looking for, Spiral in Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila is the one for. Divided into 21 dining ateliers, I’m sure you’ll go gaga with their variety of cuisines.

7. Chinatown’s Best Food
Experience the taste of China in Quezon City. Prepared by authentic Chinese chefs, this smorgasbord will surely take you to the mainland.

8. Seven Corners Restaurant
Seven Corners Restaurant is just like any other buffet resto but what set them apart are their Indian dishes.

9. Chef Laudico Guevarra’s
You will literally feel-at-home at Chef Laudico Guevarra’s Restaurant. The house-turned-restaurant serves the best of our Filipino favorites.

10. Sambo Kojin
If you were into Korean and Japanese dishes, Sambo Kojin would be a great place to try. With their wide range of ready to grill stuff, you will surely satisfy your cravings.

Is your favorite buffet restaurant not on the list? Just comment below and I’ll check it out the next time my mind is beaten by my cravings.


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