Five Ways to Have Better Instagram Pictures

Instagram has reached a huge milestone, and you backed it up, right? You are among the 300 million plus active users that upload photos daily.

Instagram was the first easy-to-use photo sharing app. Every photo lover, even the amateur ones, can use it to take and share pictures. It has photo filters and editing tools to produce good output. Yet, it is rare to find well-crafted, expressive, and soul-full images.

Do you want to share better pictures? Dogs, cats, and foods you shoot at will have more sophistication if you know how to take a picture like a pro.

Be a photo geek and improve your images with these five photography tips:

  1. The blue and golden hour counts. Photo enthusiasts use natural lighting to create a dramatic effect. One trick is to shoot during the day’s first or last hour. As the sun sets, it creates warm golden glow and gentle shadows. This creates a deep impact everyone love to see. Moreover, smartphones often fail to work well with the harsh midday sun and strong backlight. These lightings will just spoil your pictures.
  1. Focus on composition. Instagram’s square photos have become the standard of mobile photography. Your subject is right in the center. But you have to use this with caution since photos in square format may not be appealing. It is effective when you keep it proportion. In addition, your subject must be strong enough to grab viewer’s attention. You may also apply the rule of thirds to have a dynamic image.
  1. Keep them simple and creative. Even Steve Jobs said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. So move away from crowded and messy photos. For sure, it will strain viewers’ eyes.  Yet, keep your creative flair. Expand your horizons and enhance the presentation. If you are going to take a picture of a food, try to mix up other things. Include some colorful flowers or fruits on the side, but do not overdo it.
  1. Capture a great scene. The art of photography lies in waiting and capturing happy moments. Thus, spent a time to plan what you are going to shoot. Scout good locations such as parks, fields, and bays. Find interesting subjects with nice background or foreground elements. Then, be observant on things that give good concepts for your photo shoot.
  1. Break old habits.  Have better perspective and close-range shots. You often shoot at standing eye-level, right? Instead, try to shoot at different angles. Various viewpoints produce different moods or messages. Aside from this, a closer shot creates depth. Your smartphone can shoot 3 to 6 inches close to your subject. The nearest thing is in focus while blurring the background. This creates a good effect on your photos.

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