Arts And Crafts: Five D-I-Y Crafts for Stay-At-Home Moms

Today’s smart mothers know how to make life more enjoyable. They don’t just stay at home doing household chores, looking after their kids, or waiting for their husbands to come home. They spend the day efficiently.

Staying at home does not mean that your life must revolve around baby-sitting or running after your kids. You can still be a hands-on mom while creating something on your spare time.

Balance motherhood and homemaking by doing things that can make you happy and productive. Be an artsy mom and try these do-it-yourself crafts:

1. Paper basket weaving. If you have the interest doing handmade craft, this one is best for you. In doing this project, just bring out old newspapers, magazines, or calendars. Simply roll the pages or cut them into strips. Flatten or fold the strips, then weave these tubes into a basket. You have created nice eco-friendly bins for your kids’ toys, brushes, art tools, or a gift basket.

Paper basket weaving

2. Curtain, cloth box, or bag sewing. If your mother had left you a sewing machine, it’s time to put it out and learn to sew. Search the Internet for tutorials. Your kids can use these boxes and bags to organize and keep their toys and other things. Instead of buying costly curtains for your walls, you can create one for your home.

Curtain sewing

3. Knitting. Madonna, Russell Crowe, and Meryl Streep’s past time. Aside from creating sweaters for your family, psychologists say that knitting has a therapeutic gain. The good effects on the brain lessen stress and increase the feel-good hormones.


4. Quilting. Pick up the needle and thread. Experience the fun of hand quilting. Use your finish product as blanket, wall decoration, floor rags, and pouches. What’s more, the hand-eye coordination is good for your brain. This task will keep you mentally active delaying any old-age
illness like dementia.


5. Cupcake decorating. If you cannot bake, cupcake decorating is a good alternative. It has become an affordable hobby for many mothers. This is also a fun way to have snacks with your children.

Cupcake decorating

Try to perfect one creative craft at home. Who knows, it might lead you to a prolific business.


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