Top Travel Destinations This 2015 for Budget Savers

Spending vacation with your loved ones is truly priceless but if you’re on a tight budget, we can help you with that! Here’s the list of budget-friendly places this 2015.

  1. Tunisia
    Fewer crowds and affordable prices are likely to lure back tourists to North Africa’s most compact package. It’s an awesome and rewarding experience whether you stay in cosmopolitan Tunis or head for the Star Wars set.
  1. South Africa
    South Africa is more affordable this year than it has been for years. Enjoy wonderful wildlife watching, bargain public transport, and free entry to museums due to their currency fluctuations.
  1. Shanghai
    From cheap hotel accommodation to sumptuous street food, China’s most famous coastal city has remained affordable for budget travellers.
  1. Samoa
    This emergent tropical paradise offers cheap, family-owned beach hut lodging. Visit the markets of capital Apia– especially Maketi Fou – for souvenirs and street food.
  1. Bali
    Bali is perfect for mid-range adventurers who fancy air conditioning and spa treatments because of their beachside bungalows and cheap costs for food and transport.
  1. Uruguay
    Both underrated and affordable, Uruguay’s sandy coasts are a better value choice for a trip to South America than Brazil. There’s even a Fray Bentos museum.
  1. Portugal
    This surf and family-friendly European destination is of great value, and Lisbon is set to get a whole lot more accessible as Ryanair will soon fly to the capital.
  1. Taiwan
    Dorm beds and homestays are great value in Taiwan. Rail passes are also cheap, as is admission to many attractions and temples – not to mention the food.
  1. Romania
    Romania is now better connected to the rest of Europe by budget airlines. There are spectacular castles to explore and accommodation in Bucharest is cheap in summer.
  1. Burkina Faso
    This little-known country in West Africa boasts fantastic markets, friendly locals, a lively arts scene in its capital Ouagadougou – plus affordable wildlife spotting in the south.

Do you know other budget-friendly places? Share your story and passion in travelling to us. We will be more than willing to accept your inputs and exchange experiences with you.


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