Going Modern? Innovative Technologies to Watch out for This 2015

Photo credit: Oculus.com

Time flies so fast and so does technology. Modern discoveries surprise us each day. What we have today becomes obsolete the next day. Truly, modern trends continue to change, shock us, and affect our daily living. What does the future hold for us? Are we ready for a high-tech earth?

People are on a quest to make living convenient and easy. This endless pursuit prompts us to look ahead and wait for brilliant ideas find lifestyle-changing solutions.

If you are “techy” person who has passion for the latest finds and innovation and planning to get them for your convenience, for sure your mind is hungry to know the most innovative things this 2015.

Read this article to feed your hungry mind.

Current Breakthroughs

  • Virtual reality headsets for 3D gaming – Oculus VR is up for “an effort to revolutionize the way people experience interactive content.”  Its Rift, which can allow 3D game players step into the virtual world, is expected to be launched in 2015.
  • Sleep tracking device – Pioneered by a 23-year old British entrepreneur James Proud, this device called “Sense” will make use of a tennis ball-sized sphere and an app to gather details of one’s sleep. Incredible, right?
  • 3D-printed electric car – This car, with model name Strati, is the first and one of its kind. It can be built in 24 hours. This is for a fact that it has only 49 parts.
  • Long-lasting LED light – Jake Dyson Products worked to transform the light bulb we used to know. The firm will soon launch an LED light that can perform up to 40 years. Yes, that’s the life span!
  • Powered bike wheel – This is yet a new feature we all want to experience. Copenhagen Wheel has a wheel that can study the way how one’s feet move—it can capture the energy from braking. What else? It can be retrofitted to almost any type of bike.
  • Neural computer – This chip, which was named SyNAPSE, was developed by no less than IBM and was launched in August 2014. What’s hot about this one is that it is modeled on biological brains and can imitate their neural networks. It is expected to gain huge following in 2015.

These are just few of the many amazing discoveries that will come our way. Let’s just hope that these things will really make living easy, happy, comfortable, and safe.

Enjoy the perks of science. Go modern now!

[Source: The Guardian.com ]


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