2015 Wedding Trends: Top Ideas for Your Upcoming Big Day

If you’re planning your 2015 wedding, then you need to know about next year’s top wedding trends. From the flowers and color motifs to wedding dresses, here’s a roundup of everything you need to know so nothing is missing from your big day.

Themes and Décor
Informal and unconventional weddings are a big hit. The hottest trend in décor and themes for 2015 weddings is bohemian-chic or rustic style. The idea is to create a very personal and intimate atmosphere as if you’ve brought together your family and friends at home.

This theme’s focus is on long wooden tables and chairs instead of the round ones. For brides and grooms who won’t simply give up on their idea of a glamorous wedding, copper would be a good alternative to the typical gold and silver. White twinkly lights will set the mood and create a cozy feel to the venue.

Color Motif
The top color pick for 2015 weddings is En Plein Air, which means “in the open air.” Think of gentle and soft muted hues. Aquamarine will be present everywhere next wedding season. This color is cool and ethereal and may even prove to be a stress reducer! As an added bonus, it’s an amazing way to cross off your something blue. Scuba blue, Lucite green, and toasted almond are the other colors that will be popular.

The flowers used in weddings are also going to be rustic and country inspired. The floral arrangements and bridal bouquets will be composed of flowers that seem freshly picked right off the field. Using seasonal flowers remains a huge trend, as well as incorporating the season’s elements in the arrangement themselves.

Wedding Dress
2015 brides will have many and gorgeous trends to choose from when it comes to wedding dresses. It is going to be the year of vintage dresses, with defined silhouettes, but also models off shoulder tops. In terms of necklines, the trends are higher necklines with embroidered details or deep V necklines.

The rustic feel that will rule a good part of the 2015 wedding trends is also extended to the invitations. The focus is mainly on the font or fonts used, giving importance to what is written. In lettering, silver will replace gold. If you’re looking to create a unique wedding invitation, consider using unexpected shapes (cutouts, for instance) and watercolors and pastel hues.


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