How Can a LinkedIn Profile Boost Your Hiring Chances?

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Living in a digital age is but a worthwhile experience. This is where odd ideas meet reality.

If you are a job seeker, you should know how to take advantage of the modern tools to boost your chances for your target job. Apart from making a paper resume, you should also prepare a good online profile. You don’t know how far it can lead you to succeed in your job pursuit.

Now is the right time to improve your online “strength” through LinkedIn.

Why It Matters

LinkedIn is the most important networking site for professionals like you. Here are the reasons why having this social page can boost your career growth:

  • It serves as your online resume. Like a paper resume, a LinkedIn profile contains sections that speak about your qualifications and strengths.
  • Hiring managers use it. The recruitment process has drastically changed for it now entails browsing of LinkedIn profiles. If you have a good profile, chances are you will get shortlisted.
  • Get an “unexpected” invitation for a job interview. Yes, this is possible. Even if you do not seek a job from a certain firm, hiring manager can see your professional record and might invite you to join the company.
  • See yourself on Google search results. More often than not, LinkedIn pages get high ranking than other web pages (when one searches for people’s names).

Do It Right

Your LinkedIn profile is your tool to market yourself, even if you go offline. That said, it is imperative that you always keep it updated and striking.

How will you improve your LinkedIn account and the results shown by the profile strength meter? Here are some tips for you:

  • Add content. Upon registration, provide all the required info. The more details you give, the higher your profile strength it can get.
  • Upload a good photo. Show your professionalism. Your profile picture must be a head shot photo of (only) you wearing corporate attire. The background must be solid, light-colored.
  • Cite your skills. If possible, ask former and current colleagues and bosses to recommend you for your acquired skills.
  • Add connections and join groups. Joining groups in your field is a way to prove your expertise. Be an active member.
  • Share relevant content. Do this on a regular basis to maintain a good profile.
  • Avoid any error. Maintain an error-free career summary. Make it a habit to proofread it or ask someone to check it for possible errors.

Make a superb LinkedIn profile and you’re getting closer to job opportunities.


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