Best Places to Visit with the Family This Christmas

Are you planning to travel with your family this holiday season? Here are some of the places where people best celebrate Christmas.

1. New York City, NY
Christmas in New York is timeless and beautiful. Aside from the Rockefeller Center and its world-famous Christmas tree, the carriage ride through Central Park brings you to the Currier and Ives era in the middle of Manhattan.

2. Amsterdam, Kingdom of the Netherlands
Dutch people have two Christmas celebrations: toys and gift-giving on Dec. 5; and family gathering and food feast on Dec. 25. Between these days, Amsterdam is filled with white lights, shopping avenues, and frozen canals where everyone is enjoying an ice-skating party.

3. Santa Claus, Indiana
Living up with its name, this town is packed with Santa-themed shops and attractions such as Santa’s Candy Castle, Santa Claus Museum, and Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari. Since 1914, a group of “Santa’s Elves” from the town has made it their mission to answer each child’s letter sent to Santa.

4. Philippines
Known as the country to have the longest Christmas season, carols is heard as early as September and lasts until January. As one of two predominantly Christian countries in Asia, Simbang Gabi or night mass is observed starting December 16 to Christmas Eve. Folk beliefs hold that God grants the special wish of a devotee that hears all nine Masses.

5. Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland
Dubbed as Santa’s “true base of operations”, thousands of visitors all over Europe tours the Santa Claus Village and Santa Park every year. The locals offer tours of Santa’s workshops where you can buy souvenirs, encounter real reindeer, and visit the big man himself.

6. Paris, France
Known as The City of Light, Paris maintains its reputation. During Christmas, strings of white lights, in all shapes, line the boulevards and shopping streets. High-end stores put on elaborate displays that attract crowds from all over the world.

Sounds fun? Book your flights now for some travel agencies give discounts to early birds. Remember that it is always the best to spend the holiday season with your loved ones.


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