Why Do Huge Shopping Spree on November?

Looking for big sales? Here’s one good tip: you will find some low-cost products at a certain time.

Whether you want to buy gadgets, book a flight, or lease a car, there is a right time for each. For wise shoppers, November is the best month to make more purchases. Though there are deals on other months, you will still get more savings during November.

Here are some reasons this month is the best time to shop:

1.  Find best deals. Aside from Halloween, get big discounts during November. It is not a surprise that products hit their rock-bottom price on this month. As stores begin to sell items for the Christmas season, they mark down prices of other products. Also, you will find low-cost toys and other gift items for the upcoming holidays.

Photo credit: gettyimages.ae

2. Stores begin to push their old stuffs. Traders will replace old stuffs. They will dispense these items by dropping the price. If you want to buy a car, this is the best time as new model comes out. Haggle your way down for good old car models as you can get one with a low price. Meanwhile, digital cameras and some tech gadgets have the same story. So you can buy these stuffs in a reduced cost.

3. The market has enough supply. Prices are low because supplies of products are ample. Take for instance, cookware and kitchen tools. They are popular items for the season; hence, you will find them in every market.

4. Black Friday sale. In the US, Black Friday is a retail blowout right after the Thanksgiving Day. Massive savings, both online and around the country, entices millions of US shoppers.  You can get a 20% to 75% discounts on various products. The idea of Black Friday is to make a bigger profit. It coined its name from the theory that black ink is a mark for profits.

Photo credit: happynew-year.org

5. Cold off-season. This is the start of a colder season. Buyers will move away from cooling products. As such, traders will cut off the prices to push these products. These are air conditioners, fridges, freezers, coolers, and electric fans. If you are into gardening, you will find plants to have cheap prices, too.


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