Top 10 Strangest Delicacies to Try from around of the World

They say that you will know a country’s culture once you get to taste their delicacies. If you’re a food enthusiast, we dare you to try these strange dishes from around the world.

10. Balut – Philippines
Balut is a developed duck embryo boiled alive. It’s a popular street food often served with beer. Filipinos use it as an aphrodisiac and believes that it can boost your stamina.

Balut – Philippines
Photo © Marshall Astor

9. Century Egg – China
This is made by preserving eggs in a mixture of ash, salt, quicklime. rice hulls, and clays for several weeks (or months). You can eat it without further preparation, on its own, or as a side dish.

Century Egg – China
Photo © Kowloonese and tracyhunter

8. A-ping – Cambodia
A-ping is made from fried, palm-sized tarantulas. It gained fame during the food shortages under the brutal Khmer Rouge regime. After Pol Pat was ousted, a-ping stuck around and locals today eat them like a candy.

A-ping – Cambodia
Photo © Adam Cohn

7. Sannakji – Korea
A raw dish consists of live baby octopuses served with sesame seed and sesame oil. You had better chew them thoroughly for its little tentacles may choke you to death if they stick in your throat.

Sannakji – Korea
Photo © LWYang

6. Fugu – Japan
Fugu is the Japanese name of the poisonous pufferfish. Japan strictly controls their preparation in restaurants and only highly trained chefs are allowed to handle them.

Fugu – Japan
Photo ©

5. Fried Brain Sandwich – USA
This was once a famous dish in the US until mad cow disease became a concern. Some people still eat them, serving brain from cows that are over 30 months old.

Fried Brain Sandwich – USA
Photo © Wikimedia

4. Surstromming – Sweden
A dish consists of fermented Baltic herring, usually sold in cans. Recent studies in Japan found that it releases the most putrid odor of any food in the world.

Surstromming – Sweden
Photo © Wikimedia

3. Hakarl – Iceland
Hakarl is a dish made from fermented basking shark believed to be an acquired taste. Chef Anthony Bourdain of the Travel Channel described it as “the single worst, most disgusting and terrible tasting thing” he had ever eaten.

Hakarl – Iceland
Photo © Chris73

2. Escamole – Mexico
It is a dish made from ant larvae harvested from the roots of the agave plant. People sometimes call it “insert caviar” that tastes like butter but slightly nutty.

Escamole – Mexico
Photo © Cvmontuy

1. Casu Marzu – Italy
Literally means rotten cheese. Made from sheep’s milk, they set the cheese outside and allow cheese flies to lay eggs inside of it. The larva breaks down the cheese’s fats and ferments it.

Casu Marzu – Italy
Photo © Shardan

Have you tried one of them? Share it with us! We would love to know about your experience!


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