Ways to Break the Monotony of Your Daily Work

Photo credit: work.chron.com

Doing something repeatedly on a daily basis means two things: either it helps you perfect it or you will soon find it annoying.

If your job involves daily tasks that you’ve been doing for a couple of months or years and you’re starting to think that it no longer interests you, sure you want to do something else. And perhaps doing the same thing over and over again causes you to procrastinate, right?

If this best describes what you feel today, don’t panic. That’s normal among human beings. Monotony strikes everywhere, more often at workplaces. This feeling, which indicates a sense of boredom or stagnation, really affects worker’s productivity.

The good news is, there are effective ways to break the monotony of your daily routine and get back to it with appreciation.

What You Should Do

Here are some good things that can help you overcome the greatest threat to productivity—boredom:

  1. Take some deep breaths. This is the easiest way to give yourself a short break. Inhale and exhale for a few times with your eyes closed. This may not lessen your work but at least it will help you feel good and relaxed when you get back to your task.
  2. Drink water. If you’re tired of doing something, maybe you’re unconsciously feeling thirst. Drink a glass of water and you’ll surely feel energetic again.
  3. Improve your sitting posture. You won’t believe it at first but the way you sit has something to do with your productivity. When you are in front of a computer screen, be sure that you sit properly. Sit up straight with your feet stepping flat on the floor. Further, consider some parts of your body (e.g., upper and lower back, wrist, neck, fingers, and eyes) and some other things (e.g., position, height, and tilt of keyboard, armrest, wrist rest, and copy stand) to find a good posture.
  4. Get a stress ball and squeeze it. This is one good way to release whatever bad feeling you have toward your task. Also, it relaxes your fingers and palm.
  5. Look at photos or quotes that inspire you. These things can ignite your interest to pursue the activity that you have started doing.
  6. Stand up and do some stretching. This will help you release some muscle tensions.
  7. Set your goals. Make a checklist of activities that you should do with your priorities at the top of the list. Think about deadlines to challenge yourself.

Don’t do things that could distract and drain you. Devote your time with some meaningful activities that will help you achieve career growth.


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