Five Tricks to Create Creepy Photos for Halloween

Here comes Halloween! How do you take part in this fun-filled and scary holiday? You may choose to set up a party and request guests to wear costumes. You may decorate the place with mummies and scary creatures, too. But for expert photographers, they participate by uploading scary photos on their Web sites. This is real fun. It will really amaze you to see pictures with ghosts and other creepy features. And how do they add a “chill” factor on their Halloween pictures?

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If you are a newbie photographer, here are ways to make eerie photos that will scare your viewers:

  1. Get a good role player. Your picture is blunt if it does not have a good actor on it. Get a good model who knows how to act. Find someone who can express fear intensely.
  2. Work with the right lighting. A low-light scene adds a creepy feature to your picture. Dusk time is ideal if you want to have natural spooky lighting. Likewise, it is best to shoot without a flash. If it’s nighttime, use a medium-lighted spotlight to focus the area you wish to capture. But don’t limit your options to these things. You may also use glow sticks, candles, or an open fire. If you have a subject, you may put a light on the face or below the chin to create a terrifying image.

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3. Pick a good framing. You have to pin down the right framing or angle to shoot. If you want to shoot the subject with the ceiling full of webs and spiders, get low to the ground and angle up the camera. This can improve the image as this give a perspective that viewers are inside the photo. Doing this makes them feel the creepy impact that your photo brings.

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4. Try exposure tricks. How will you capture the setting with a spooky object? You may use multiple exposures that overlay a shot with another. Your DSLR camera has this feature. This allows you to create a ghostly image. To do this, set up your camera on a tripod and use shutter-priority mode. Place the exposure to 10–30 seconds. Ask a friend to stand still in the shot for a few seconds. Then point the camera elsewhere. The image looks like a haunting spirit.

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5. Add more depth. Make sure that you focus more on the dramatic sides of the scene. Get the strong lines and shapes, shadows, and deep contrast of the sight. Shadows play great roles in creating scary photos. Enhance the blacks and the reds. You may also use black and white and sepia tones to add intense and scare to viewers.

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